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It's hard to say that one quote is my favorite, but I have another one that really hits home, at least with me;

We have a thousand reasons for failure but not a single excuse.
-Rudyard Kipling
It's a direct quote from Rudyard Kipling, who, although he never served in uniform, was entirely infatuated with the service and the fighting man. I believe it is quite fitting in all areas of life, but most particularly in the military context. I apologize if that is a no-go, but I felt that it warrented a showing here.
OK, dragging this up from a year ago. Is he your favorite author? Or is that your favorite quote?
My favorite Author is John Steinbeck.
I would say that he is one of my top three favorites. My Dad has a complete series of his first editions, all published right around the turn of the century and their bindings are covered with the Hindu swastikas, which was always a conversation starter when people who didn't realize that they were published while Hitler was still in diapers saw them. :lol: I read all of them probably a dozen times, loved every bit of it.