Kinda Late But About Me...

USMC Johnny

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Name: Jonathan David (Can't tell you my last name, security reasons)

Branch of Service: United States Marine Corps

Time in Service: June 2001-Nov 2002(I was injured in a car accident)

Rank: E-3 Lance Corporal

MOS: MOS 1371(Combat Engineer)

Unit: 2nd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Battalion, 6th Marines, KILO Company

OverSeas Service: 2001 Afghanistan

Combat Experience: 2001 Afghanistan(3 weeks)

Medals and Awards: Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal "V"

Marksmanship: Sharpshooter(Rifle) Expert(Pistol)
Welcome to the forum, Johnny (belatedly :lol: ).

By the way, do you check your PMs? I still got one in my outbox to you from 30APR.
Yes I check my PM's. I've just been busy *Sir*

Speaking of Sir?? You know what my favorite type of candybar is?? ButterBars!! HAHAHAHA :)

Sorry that was the Marine in me, couldn't resist.

So your're going to be a Armor officer. I respect Armor alot, they prove themselfs again and again.

How long are you planning to stay in??
Planning on staying for 30 or until they decide to kick me out (so probably about a year and a half).
I appreciate the butter bar joke though, it will help me prepare for going back home here in a couple weeks, the closer I get to commissioning, the more the folks back home let me know exactly how important a 2nd Lieutenant is :? .

:lol: I was just wondering about the PM because I just checked my out-box and noticed it was still there today.
Hey I may give crap to 2nd Lts. But I was in the Service, we can do that.. :)

But you guys are the heart and soul of the military.. George Patton, McArthur, Audie Murphy, and many others. All were 2nd Lts.

Don't ever sell yourself short. In the Marines, we are taught to respect people of higher rank. Don't let anyone push you around because you are a 2nd Lt.

And one point that you should know sir, Don't piss off the NCO's they can make anyone's life a living hell

But Sir, I look forward to saluting you someday as a 3 or 4 Star General.. Even though you are Army ;)
:lol: Well thank you, Johnny (and you don't have to call me "Sir," around here I'm still "Mister" ;) ).

I figure that I'll only be an O-1 for a few weeks, and then spend the rest of my time in the service as an E-1. :lol:
Welcome!! they say you guys got a crazy accent in the south. I havent been familiar with that, unfortunately. Later.
Welcome USMC Johnny. If your going to be an EM, you can't cut the Os any slack whatsever :lol: I'm looking forward to your posts.