Kerry Does It Again - Gas Tax


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John Kerry supported a 50 cent per gallon increase in the gas tax, which
would cost the average American family $657 a year.

How much would it cost you? Find out today!

Based on the car you drive the Kerry gas tax calculator will show you how
much John Kerry's 50 cent gas tax would cost your family. Planning a trip?

The gas tax calculator will give you directions, and let you know how much more you'd be paying if you add in Kerry's tax. Just go to:
:lol: I'm up the brown creek there, Top. My truck gets 7.5 miles to the gallon and I live in the middle of nowhere. They don't have my truck in the options, but the closest one (1990 F250 4WD with 13 miles per) says it would cost me $842.31 extra a year if Kerry gets elected, fun times :lol: .