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I know this sounds like girl thing talk. :?

But the killer-whale Keiko, alsno known as Free Willy, died today.

Wich I think is a great loss, as I have planned to visit him in about a year now.

As I aint christian I won't ask God to bless him, I will ask the nature to bless him.

He was a dolphin I will never forget.

I honour him in the way that he survived everything humans did to him, wich wasn't nice things.

To make the movie Free Willy he had to be in that little place of water.

That dolphin area in the movie.

I hope at least he get's a better life now, in peace.

Human's ruin to much of the nature.

It's just a countdown when we are going to pay for our faults.

I posted this to make you guys have a little thought on Keiko and upon his death.

Not that I could have changed is life in any sense.

But I was about to go over there in a trip and study his behaviour.

Because I knew that he couldn't survive to long.

Thanks guys for reading this post. :)

And I hope it wasn't a too boring post. :?

It's sad how bad we sometimes threat animals....

Sadly enough, he's probably better of now when he's dead.... :(
Gosh, how do I approach this? :roll:

I love nature and I love animals, but I follow the Bible on this one. That being said, torturing animals and any usless butchering of them is wrong, but if the cause is for food or survival, well then just give me a shotgun. I never bought into the whole PETA concept, which I hear in the UK has been taken to the extreme with several terrorist orginizations. I will not feel sad about the whales loss per say, but thank God that such a beast could teach us about preserving natures wonder.

You mean the killer whale?


Well, I am kinda christian, but that has with what I have gone through..

As Vin Diesel said in PitchBlack about God, I can't remember exactly.

But it was like:

If you been locked in and gone through shit in your life, how can you not pray and hope that God exists?

I mean, after everything I been through, things that children shouldn't be through or see..

How can you not pray at night and hope for God to hear you?
I dont say "beast" like its a bad thing, Its just how I descirbe animals. I call my dog a "beast" just cause he's fat. It's kind of American lingo to call anything alive and "big" a "beast"
Yeah, You americans are kinda wierd.. :p

Though I call my b/f a beast in total different meanings. :twisted:
the ship that was in free willy is from my town.. and free willy was filmed somewher around here so yegh i feel kinda sad about keiko's death.
I dunno, I'm with GuyontheRight here, (PETA does terrorist acts in the states, too, by the way). I think most all environmentalist groups (not all, some are legitimate) are around because their constituents simply had nothing else to do and needed a greater purpose for their lives. Most of the things they do are pretty senseless and selfish. For example, three years ago the Earth Liberation Front firebombed the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) wild horse corrals in my town, in an effort to gain the "release" of those poor animals from the evil clutches of man. What they didn't take the time to find out however, was that BLM gathers these horses every winter during droughts and feeds and waters them all winter before releasing the majority of them back to the wild in the spring. In other words, they save these horses' lives. The end result of this firebombing in their "defense" which set one of the main hay-barns and one office on fire was that it burned the horses' food and some of the badly malnourished newly rounded up mustangs starved to death before BLM could replace the feed that was burned. From the mustangs' view, with friends like ELF, who the heck needs enemies?
I believe that we were placed on this earth and that we were likewise placed above the animals for a reason. I would never needlessly hurt an animal, but that is also because I am a Christian. I support animal research in the area of medicine, because, however heartless it may seem, the life of one human is worth more in my estimation than those of a dozen monkeys. I do hunt and fish and I grew up on a working cattle ranch, so I've helped butcher my share of steers, but I don't do it for fun (well the hunting I do, I gotta admit :wink: , but the fun there is actually mostly just being with your buddies in the outdoors), but I also don't feel and don't believe I should feel any remorse for any of my actions in that regard.
That being said, I'm sorry your whale died.

Sorry for the rampage there, didn't realize how long it was getting.