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Royal Irish Rangers. Are in Northern Ireland, not Ireland - two separate countries. They are the TA infantry battalion in Northern Ireland, more appropriately and accurately they should be listed under the UK.

(As galige)
Glaine ár gcroí
Neart ár ngéag
Agus beart de réir ár mbriathar

(in english)
The cleanliness of our hearts
The strength of our limbs
And our commitment to our promise
Irish Special Forces

I'm not sure if you listed this motto in reference to or with the Royal Irish Rangers, but this is the motto of the IDF (Irish Defences Forces) Army PDF (Permenant Defence Force) ARW (Army Ranger Wing).

Under US -
You have listed a resource from the book "The Hunt For Bin Laden" By Robin Moore. This book isn't your best bet for accurate information. If you'd like to know more, PM me.

Great site, good job in collecting some of the mottos, some are hard to come by.