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Hi my name is :cen: I am in the Australian Army and have been soldiering for 18 yrs. I have served in 3 RAR (PARA) and as a Parachute Jump Instructor at the Parachute Training School in Nowra NSW. I have served oversees in East Timor and have also jumped with members from the 82nd Airborne Division at Wheeler Airforce Base in sunny Hawaii in 1992 I am married to :cen: and we have 5 children I am currently in Tasmania as one of the Training Warrant Officers for :cen: .

Hope to talk to you all soon.
Welcome to the forum, Warrant Officer Moore, good to have you here. Congratulations on your family.
Life down here in Hobart Australia is a bit cold at the moment. The unit is going out to conduct some SECOPS training at the local Entertainment Centre just low level search and alike. I will be going out with them as an Observer Trainer.

Must go talk soon.
Welcome to the forum Scott. :)

There are several Aussies here already.

5 kids! That's impressive! :D
Have only one myself, 2 years old daughter.