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which do you prefer

  • band of brothers

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  • full metal jacket

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  • platoon

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does anyone here like band of brothers? I think that movie rocks.
Heres some trivia: when i say thunder you say________.
Well anyway that movie has been on the history channel lately and I think it is great. two thumbs up. Any other critics ;)

Yo I've been watching it every night too (twice every night actually). Its like a ten hour movie, you know? I can't get over how good it is (and accurate).

Platoon was good, but its a sick movie. Sick as in demented, its like anti-war propaganda portraying the soldiers as less than human.

My vote goes to Band of Brothers.
that was so cool I really was not expecting anyone to get that. I go over to my brothers house every night just to watch it. We have been excited ever since they started advertising it.
:lol: Yes, and I've seen them all a couple times, I was a bit confused as to which one of the three flicks in the poll you all were referring to.
I have the mini-series on DVD. THey are on like 6 DVD's and all. I can't watch them tho... to gory. I'm gettin better tho. I love the booK!

My vote went to BOB by the way