Just checking out the boards

Hey all I'm just checking out the boards here.
Actually my kid came upon it while surfing, and wasn't actually looking for a MB but when he saw the link and showed me curiosity got the best of me and he registered for me and here I am.

As far as service goes I was in the marines, mostly at camp pen but was also in oki (camp schwab) for two 6 month pumps. My original mos was 0352 tow gunner and when I got out it was 0321 FR. I was on float several times got my shellback and went to alot of places ranging from east timor and thailand to vladivostok(sp?) and isreal.
I probably would have stayed in the marines but about the time I had to decide and was taking temp/tap I realized my gunny had been in for like 14 years(give or take I'm not exactly sure on that) and he had a second job as a pizza delivery guy so his kids could go to a good school.
Now I knew that the military isn't the way to get rich but that just struck a chord with me. I didn't want to put that kind of time and effort into something that wasn't going to give back that much. So here I am working and going to school to get my computer/electronic engineering degree.
Welcome to the boards.

Just a friendly reminder: don't feed the cadets and watch out for falling 101's.
Welcome to the forum! :)

Glad to hear that you decided to join us here..
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Do NOT try to pretend that you are something/one you are not.
You will eventually be revealed, and this will result in banning, and the notification of the proper authorities.

Everyone is welcome here, civilian or current/former military member. Your military service is not judged, nor is your lack of service. Respect is given where it is earned, and being honest will gain you more credibility and respect on this site than anything else.

If you wish to claim service, be sure you have the credentials to back it up, they will be checked.
Italian Guy said:
Which sounds right. So how do you mods check whats real and whats not?

There are many different ways we can check that, but I'm not going to list them here..

But we do check everyone that sounds suspicious, so it's no point to try to fake your career info guys.

As RnderSafe said, all are welcome here, and none will be judged by their military service (or lack of).