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Hi all.

First, I would like to say that this is a wonderful forum. Very informative, which is why I've come here with my questions.

My husband left for Basic to Ft. Benning GA yesterday. I understand that Basic is 9 weeks, followed by a Graduation ceremony. Is it up to my husband to contact me about the graduation? And, after basic, will he be sent directly to AIT, or will him and I have time to see each other?

Also. I'm not sure of the exact title of his MOS, but it was something along the lines of "Petroleum Supply Specialist". After Basic, he is going to Virgina for AIT. Is anyone aware of how long AIT is for this certain MOS position?

Any comments or responses are appreciated.

Thank you,
About the contacting, your husband will have the opportunity to send out invitations to his graduation ceremony, so yes, he is responsible for informing you about it.

Welcome to the forum, by the way.
When my brother graduated from Basic we went to see his graduation and got to spend 2 days with him. The day before Graduation was family day and then the day of graduation afterwards. From Basic he went straight to AIT. After AIT he came home on leave for a month, and then left overseas (Korea). He'll be able to come home after AIT.

From what I've been able to gather, AIT for Petroleum Supply Specialist (77F) should be around 5 weeks.

Good luck.
Well, it's your husbands responsibility to contact you, but it will NOT be up to him. His drills will gather everyone together and INSURE that invitations are sent. :D
We had a 24 hour pass starting after graduation, so you should have time to visit. Book a hotel well in advance. Also, in AIT, after the first phase, weekend passes are fairly common. If you plan it well, and your husband stays on the good side of his drill, you may get to see him in AIT as well. Is he going to Ft. Lee? That's where the Quartermaster school is. I went there, and it's not too bad. Make sure you write him every day, and have as many of his friends/relatives/church members, etc. write to him too. You have NO IDEA how important it is to get those letters.
Hey Chrissy! Welcome to the forum. My name is Rob and believe it or not, i've got a question for you. Your husbands name doesn't happen to be Joshua, does it? My roommate for MEPS went by the name of Joshua, and believe it or not, he had a wife named Chrissy.
Thank you so much for the quick replies, and the welcome!

Jamoni - Yes, my husband will be going to Ft. Lee, VA. I am sad that he will be going so far, (I'm in Tucson, AZ), but I'm very glad to hear that I will be able to visit. I will definitely book hotels when the time comes.

Rob - Hello! My Husband's name is Dave. :)

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My husband just finished boot camp at Fort Benning, I can tell you about my experience if you would like and if you have any additional questions feel free to ask.

If your husband is still in reception the 9 weeks of boot camp doesn't actually start until he gets to boot camp. My husband wasn't able to call that often and when he did it was always for only 15 minutes. Phone calls are usually only on Sundays.

Write lots and lots of letter, tell all of his family and friends to write too. My husband got very depressed when he didn't get letters.

As far as graduation goes, you can pretty much count 9 weeks exactly from the day he started boot camp and that will be the day he graduates. There is a web site that has the graduation days posted but i can't remember where it is right now, i will post it though if i do find it. But don't worry too much about figuring out the date yourself because your husband will tell you.

I only got one letter in the mail about graduation from the Army itself, and that was a letter telling me that my husband and i were required to go to a DEERS meeting at 10am on Family Day. If you already have your Military ID don't worry it won't take too long, 30 minutes tops.

On family day make sure you get there early, it starts at 9am and you won't get a letter telling you that. I got there around 8am and got a great seat. He will have to be back by 9pm on Family Day, so make plans go get out and do stuff together. (My husband was planning the whole day in the hotel hehe, but it didn't work out that way so make additional plans to do stuff together.) By the way, the place you have to go is Sand Hill, if you can find your way there they will have directions to lead you the rest of the way. I can help you find maps too if you need them.

We went to the Peachtree Mall, which wasn't too far. We did go to the commonsary and PX to get gifts for our families. Just plan lots of fun stuff because remember for the past 9 weeks all he has seen is Drill Sergents and trees.

Graduation day, the ceremony starts at 9am but get there early too because the good seats go quickly. If you aren't sure where your husband will be standing just ask a drill sergent and tell him what platoon your husband is in and he should be able to tell you where he will be standing. (It will be the same formation as they had on Family Day)

After graduation you will have the rest of the day to yourselves, but he will have to be back at 8pm instead of 9pm like on Family day. Trust me it's good to have him back early because when i went they didn't tell us that he was supposed to be back at 8pm and the only reason we found out was because we went back to the bay and saw it on a chalk board, so made sure to ask a drill sergent. If we hadn't gone back though we wouldn't have known. A lot of the other guys didn't know they were supposed to be back at 8pm and they got in a lot of trouble for being late. It was scary to see them getting yelled at for something that wasn't really their fault.

Anyway, this is how it worked out for my husband and maybe it will work out the same way for yours. The day after graduation he will be sent directly to AIT, my husband went to Texas, Fort Bliss. Anyway, his plane left from Atlanta and so did mine, so it worked out that we were able to spend that day together too because our planes were both Deltas and they didn't leave until the evening. We got very luckly.

If you do fly into Atlanta i would suggest renting a car and driving, don't take a cab. It turned out that it was cheaper for me to rent a car for the 3 and a half days i was there then it would have been to take a cab one way to Columbus. Just be sure to get a hotel in Columbus.

Well, i hope this helps and if you have any additional questions feel free to ask.