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Ok I was in jump school when on our first scheduled jump, the Black hat was doing his dorr check. We were in a C-130. The step on a C-130 folds down after you open the door. Part of the door checks includes checking the step by stomping on it. Now keep in mind none of us have ever jumped before. Well the jumpmaster stepped out to check the step and he was gone. He flew right out of the aircraft. The step broke off (needless to say he was a big man). That was my first experience in getting ready to jump out of an aircraft. I was scared the next time as was the other 63 personnel getting ready to jump.
I would sit my ass back on those infantry seats and strap in after seeing that...

Was your Black hat wearing a chute when he fell?
Yes he was wearing a chute they are required to wear them when doing jumpmaster and saftey tasks aboard the aircraft.
When my boyfriend was at airborne school they went up on their last jump I think. Anyway, it was a really crazy ride, really bumpy and just flyin' all over the place. More than usual I'm assuming. Anyway, one of the guys sittin' down's lookin' real sickly, so the Sgt. Airborne yells at my boyfriend to get the sick guy a barf bag, and he kinda pauses for a second, then goes for one himself.

I think that was the same jump were the jump got canceled and the plane ended up racing a solid wall of rain back to the hanger.
My brother-in-law decided to go Airborn to get over his fear of flying...

He wound up being one of the soldiers in the accident in Utah (I believe) where they were ordered to jump when it was too windy. He wound up hitting a parked car at around 55 mph!