Jumping hand grenade

Remington 1858

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The latest development from a Swedish defense company, a hand grenade that "jumps" into the air then detonates, in order to get an enemy behind cover. Cool huh! Just the thing for that person on your Christmas list who has everything. A video from Youtube shows it in action [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU3rSI_tl8U"]Шведская прыгающая граната AB HGr / Swedish Jumping Hand Grenade AB HGr - YouTube[/ame] I'm ordering a dozen now, in time for the Holidays. My return key on my keyboard doesn't work, so I can't indent.
I know the Italians have made a couple of bounding mines and the Americans copied the German S-mine in the form of the M16 APM but I had no idea the Russians had one still in service.
There´s a lot of Russian mines left behind from their time there.
The worst is the Russian PFM-1 butterfly mine.
Most of these mines was made ​​in bright colors that especially children would pick up with the result that they got their hand blown of.