July 25th, 2005

Our glourios admin wrote:

Redleg Sherman????

Well, Im seriously considering that. Thing is, I need to ask if my medical profile is field-worthy....All they sent is "Under the 7th section of the Security Service law.....You have been found capable of service...", so i cant tell if im field-worhty or not....I know i did well on my test cause they sent me a proposal to get a degree on military scholarship and then serve in that field in the army...But its usually either engineers, lawyers or computer technitians, so i dont think so...
thanks all...Just hope i dont get my options and their all infantry...No offence you guys, your great, but i dont like running at all.....
Seems to me that one of those new F-16s needs a guy in back..or in front. Ever concidered taking the stick sherman?

Anyhow, Mazel Tov! Congrats Sherman!