JROTC question.


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I missed joining JROTC due to the councelors messing my schedule, they placed me in an ROP class(16 years +).
Now, here the real reason I posted here. I was wanting to know what you do in JROTC, can you get a scholorship? Do you get to keep the class As and BDUs? I also want to know what you do as a colour gaurd and activities in JROTC. I know, I know, I ask a lot of information.
Darn I was hoping I would get to keep it all. Oh well, that is not why I am joining it.
I did get the schedule fix, but the schedule most classes that were mandatory were full, so I had to drop out of JROTC and take wood shop.
Like Time said, you can't keep anything. And yes, you can get scholarships for ROTC, but you still have to have good grades and the like. The Color Guard does performances during things such as football games, Veteran's Day assemblies, and other assemblies. Ours also do it for Senior Graduation.

And which JROTC is at your school? I don't know if it's any different because of the branch, but we have the Marine Corps JROTC. So yea, small things may vary because of that, and because of the instructor as well.
Dunno about Class A's, but since all of our unit bought digital BDUs (better than Navy PT uniforms), and our officers, Chief Petty Officers, drill team members, and Honor Guard members bought dress whites and blues, we get to keep those.
While it is all the same program, every battalion seems to be different. It might be more helpful for you to talk to the members at your school and see what your JROTC is like.