JROTC inspection questions


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1)What are the 5 colors on a map?
2)What do they mean?
2)What is the 6th color and what does it mean?
3)What do the colors on the flag mean?
4)What is the only command that you step off on the right foot?
5)How many counts are in right shoulder arms from order?
I will be back with some more, when i get back from my drill competition.
1. red, blue, green, black, brown
2.1 danger/ roads, water, shrubbery, etc., manmade stuff, contour lines
2.2 It means that the map is made of paper(white paper) :D
3. Which flag? Marine Corps(scarlet for and gold for looking awesome) or US(red for valor, white for purity and blue for justice) http://www.funmunch.com/events/usflagday/colors.shtml
4. Right side step, March
5. Four

...Good luck.
god...JRROTC...I remember....SOOOOOO long ago....actually was on a state championship team....my best friend was the commander...we would go to his house the night before and practice spinning....shave each others heads...and then go meet the bus the next morning...wow...

We had a lot of chain of command questions....SECNAV....Chairman of the joint cheifs...etc...

we practiced a throw over the shoulder that went over the entire 5 ranks of the formation and was caught at the back....we pulled it off in competition and won state...
1. Green, Blue, Brown, Black, and Red

2.Green = vegetation,
Blue = Water,
Brown = Contour, Elevation, and Relief,
Black = Manmade Objects,
Red = Other Manmade Objects and Densely Populated Areas.

3.Yellow for Hazardous Area

4.Red for Valor and Courage,
Blue for Justice and Vigilance,
and White for Purity

5.Right Side Step, March

6.Four counts