Jordans seals land border with Iraq ahead of vote

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AMMAN, Dec 12 (AFP) - Jordan was sealing off its Al-Karameh land border with
Iraq for five days from Monday ahead of landmark general elections to take
place in its eastern neighbour, officialss said.

Interior Minister Eid Fayez took the decision in line with plans by Iraq to
enforce strict security measures ahead of the parliamentary elections that
will take place on Thursday.

Iraqi expatriates living in Jordan and 14 other countries will be able to
vote during three days from Tuesday.

An estimated 1.5 million Iraqis voters living outside their country can take
part in the election.

A principal out-of-country voting office will be set up in Jordan and Iraqis
will also be able to vote in Australia, Austria, Britain, Canada, Denmark,
Germany, Iran, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Sweden, Syria, Turkey, the United
Arab Emirates and the United States.

Twelve polling stations will be open in schools in Jordan's capital, Amman,
as well as the northern towns of Zarqa and Irbid.