joke I heard in bootcamp


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A Marine goes to a bar and hits it off with this girl. They end up going back to her place and they end up naked ready to go at it.
The Marine says "Marine, atten-hut" and instantly gets an erection. The girl was pretty impressed by this so the Marine shows her what else he can do and says "at ease", he goes soft immediately. The girl hasn't ever seen anything like this and asks if she can call her friend over to see. The Marine is of course ok with this and now has two women on the bed in front of him. He once again says "Marine, atten-hut" and springs "to attention", he then says "at ease", but nothing happens. He starts to get nervous and says "at ease!" a little louder, but still nothing happens. At this he goes and stars jacking off. The women see this and are like "why are you doing that when you have two girls in front of you?" The Marine replies "any Marine disobeying orders must be dishonorably discharged."
I've heard several versions of this one.
I think I have one on the site.

But it's still a good one.. 8)
More Bootcamp humor

I dont know why, but these i heard from the training instructor himself after the third day of him yelling and screaming at us...

Q. What do you call fifty bulls masterbating in a field?

A. Beef strokingoff

Q. What do you call fifty cows lying belly down on the road avoiding an attack?

A. Ground Beef.

Q. Whats the difference between a farmer and a officer in the Air Force?

A. The farmer has the B.S. on the outside of his boots...

Q. What do you call the wife of a Training Instructor thats beautiful?

A. Lucky.

According to the UCMJ manual .... a Fetish is when you tickle her butt with a feather...perversion is when you use the whole chicken

We actually lost it when the beef strokinoff joke was told..and the whole flight didnt stop laughing for an hour.