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Hi ya'll! I'm Joi from South Carolina! I'm 19 and in the process of enlisting in the Army Reserves. After AIT, I plan to start the two-year ROTC program and go active when I receive my commission. Just came across this site when I was searching for a quote from Hal Moore's book. Um.. I'll catch ya'll later. Have a good day everybody!! :D
Oh Welcome to the forum Joi ! I'm sure you'll like it here- we're a bunch of good guys, after all [except for RN, he's a serial killer but we keep him at bay when a lady is around, so dont worry ;) ]
Why did you choose the reserves and ROTC, why not active duty. I am just curious on what influenced your decision.
Well i'm going active when i graduate from college.. but for now i'm enlisting in the reserves. i decided that a few weeks ago.. i was just kind of sick of waiting a few more years to join. i felt like a slacker. i would have joined right after high school if i didnt have a full scholarship.