Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising


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My god, that game owns me! I spent 6 hours playing it, going stealth recon on those monkies with my bud at the gaming cafe!

*Finds money and buys it* :D
that game is really really fun the maps are just immense, also the tracer effects at night time in that game look really really awesome!

thanks, Daley :rambo:
I have played virtually every 3d First person game made from Wolfenstein 3D through Doom3 starting tomorrow. For multiplayer military shooters, this game can not be beat... if you have the hardware to run it. (it does have steep demands, and even on my 9800XT I have to turn graphics way down with all the people playing.)

Still it has put all my other games in the dust. I have fun even without shooting anyone. I'm perfectly content to fly chopper ferrying comrads to the battle and back to base for another load. Of course hugging the treeline, and dodging heat seekers...=)

This game puts the shizzle in my dizzle. It is the Shiznit. I can't beleive how many players it can keep track of and the camo=hidden system rocks......awsome for being a dity rotten sniper, or just sneaking up on enemy before launching assault. Great game!! WELL DONE!

Only one question? why would we fight Indonesian Muslims toe to toe, and not just start airstriking their bases? =P
I've just played the demo of it, and I'm going to buy it REAL soon... :rambo:


Yes sir i know what you mean. I have played the Demo for it and my friends has it. but my comp will not run it i need to get a new one. But i can run DF:BHD and my friend and I are on an online team for it called

Tactical Elite.

I hope to see you in my sights!