Joining army within the year, have some questions...


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ok, I'm 18 and in college, but my last semester I droped the ball and I'm reconsidering why im here. I've decided to enlist, somthing I had intended to do out of highschool. I want to do it smartly though.

My goal in the military is to become a pilot, this is one of my main motivations behind joining. I have the eyesight, the asvab scores ect but I need to lay a path. My recruiter has helped me out with this but i still have questions.

I want to go in as a chopper repair person but I need to decide what kind. I score a 92 asvab so im qualified for whatever I want assuming the position is available. As part of a chopper crew I would want to be a side gunner (or otherwise be able to ride along) I also want this MOS to make my application to WOCS easier...

1. What MOS would best lead me to WOCS after ~2-3 years?
2. Does my choice in chopper to work on effect what I will be flying after WOCS?
3. lets say you are part of a UH-64 crew, who is the side gunner / and or who flys along with the crew?

thanks for your help (and I do understand that it's not my wants but what the army needs but there is no harm in trying to be happy in my career)
ok right off the bat wocs in 2-3 years aint happening try at least 5-6 years and going into an aviation MOS is a good start. I am currently trying to get the Aviation WOCS package and process done and its not alot of fun but still far as the gunner questions I have no clue I am a grunt. but whatever job you do decide on get it in writing. Hooah.
If you get a 2 year degree (associates) from a junior college they will accept you into rotary-wing aviation WOCS straight from college usually.

1. I don't know, I don't think it matters so long as you scored pretty high on your FAST. Although there may be some quirked eyebrows if a vet tech or something decided to move to aviation.

2. It does not effect what you would be trained in. The needs of the Army (IE which slots are available) your performance and and lastly your prefrence will be what is looked at. In that order.

3. the side gunner. I am not 100% on this, but there is a crew chief and a gunner. I think the crew chief can also serve as a gunner, but that may be only on situations where they have a weapon on each side.

I would recommend you get an associates degree, it is not difficult. If youre dead-set about enlisting now simply get the associates while youre enlisted. You probably could do it, and it would make your chances of being accepted better.
Ok the 2-3 year warrent is possible. I was givin an offer when i was only 1 year in. It is dependant upon DA you never know when your number comes up all I know is it is very common at FT BRAGG to get such things done quickly.
Unless the Army has changed it in the last two years, they still have a high school to flight school program. However, your recruiter is not going to tell you about this, because he wants you to pick a job and get in quicker so you can go towards his quota since this process takes awhile. I emailed the website a few years ago and they sent me all the information about it and what I would have had to do. Its not an easy process, but can be done. The program was big back in the Vietnam era when they needed chopper pilots right and left, however now its one of those quiet programs that no one knows much about.
If you have the ASVAB score, high school to flight school is the way to go. Don't let some recruiter try to finagle you into anything else. One of the coolest jobs in the Army is AH-64 Apache Longbow gunner. Good luck!