Joining again after a long break.


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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, I was a Marine. What a wondrous time it was. There was music in the air, and magic filled the evening sky. I was so young and carefree. It was a time of innocence.

Then I got married. I never realized how expensive women could be, and I picked one that liked to live well. So at the end of my enlistment I got out to pursue a lucrative career in network security, but even that wasn't enough for her. No matter how much I made, it was never enough. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

At long last we have parted ways and I'm itching to go back into the service. Unfortunately, I've been out for about four years - long enough for my IRR to expire just this past month. Is there any way to get back in without a disastrous loss in rank? I was quite happy with the E-5 paygrade I had achieved, and I'd rather not drop back down to a Lance if I could help it. No offense to and LCpls here, but I've been there and done that. I'd like to skip the whole field-day/floor buffing part of rank advancement this time around.
Hey Led,
I have heard some bad things about Marines going back in. Last month I was down at MEPS. I talked with a Marine who was going into the Army. He was out for only 6 months. He said if he had gone back to the Marines he'd be an E-3. The army is allowing him to keep his rank. This is a huge reason why a lot of Marines go into the Army.
Since you've been out for 4 years I'd expect a steep rank reduction from the Marines. If you are worried about rank you may want to consult an Army recruiter. The Army may only drop you one rank.

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The best way to find the answer to this one is to talk to a recruiter. it could pend upon what you did and records.
Well here is one for you. I EAS'd in 95 from the Marines after 5 years active for similar reasons to yours. I am now going in the Army, yes at the age of 34 and not loosing any rank. Only reason I did not go back in the Corps was the fact that I wanted to change MOS and they said no. Army was happy to give me what I wanted so far. I will let you know more next week when I hit MEPS again. :cen: I hated that place. Lets see if a 34 year old can keep up with the new guys.