John Kerry Firing At North


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John Kerry is at his hollerin again, this time on Vietnam Vet and Former Reagan Administration Official Oliver North. Im so sick of John Kerry, no only for reasons I wont state here, but because he takes time to diss the military on every aspect yet seems to always mention he was in Vietnam. Then he comes back and says US sodliers were commiting all these atrocities in Nam, but fails to ever really say what exactly he did in the war.
I lost respect for Kerry as a credible politician when said we needed a "regime" change here at home. During peace time it would have made no difference to me. But during war time it is unprofessional to have the President compared to the enemy in this fashion, it borders on sedition. They are trying to sell a product without concern for anyone else involved, and when soldiers lives are on the line, I take it personally.

Kerry did his time in Vietnam, admirable. When he got back he was marching in the Anti-war protests and part of the veterans against the war organisation.

But that doesn't bother me as much as his being granted an early release from duty just so he could go and accuse decent men of war crimes, there goes any admiration. Credibility can be gained and lost by your actions.

By his own accounts, despite his status as an officer in the US Navy, he frequently witnessed grotesque war crimes committed by Americans - including his own troops - and did nothing. It seems to me that Kerry is either a war criminal by failing to report war crimes and/or willfully concealing them, or a liar with no honor who is slandering his old comrades to make himself look good, i.e. a "buddy-f*cker" as the term is used. Personally, I find his stories hard to believe.

Kerry seems to want to use his medals to halt debate, to use as a weapon against anyone who might question his judgment and character. He wants to make his heroism an issue, but only on his own terms.

Can you be proud of something you are so against? It is blatantly hypocritical.

I have no respect for Kerry, and I do not want him in charge of my Nation, my neighborhood, and my life.
That's one of the best arguments I've heard, Sir (although down here, all the arguing is dirested the other way, anyway :lol: ).