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Hi everyone...
I leave for bootcamp in 22 days for the Navy and I know that I can take a religious medal, and I was told that a cross/chain necklace counts as that. So...the thing I am wondering, it what length the chain has to be and if it has to be a thin chain, or whatever thickness. If any one knows, please tell me as soon as you can! I leave very soon and I need to sort this out so I can return the chain I got for graduation if it is too long. I think it's about 16 or 18 inches long and it's a real thick twisted rope. Thanks!!
The answer really depends on your company commanders. But the general rule is that they don't want to see it (the chain or the medallion/cross). So, with that in mind, the longer the chain the better. Now I don't know how thick you're talking about - but use common sense. If the chain peeks out from your collar, is it going to look "unmilitary"?
Hope this helps and good luck at boot camp.
I have to agree that no matter what is for the majority of situations it is up to the commander. With anything extra that you are allowed to where you want to make sure that it does not make you stick out...stand out of the crowd. Where a simple chain, I would suggest silver something that is not shiny. THe length really does not matter, but you want to make sure that it does not interfere with any work that you have to do....shooting your weapon etc. As long as you cant see it, there should not be a problem with it. I hope what I have said is of benifit to you.