Jackal Stone 12 Military Exercise


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The Republic of Croatia for the second time since 2009 will host the "Jackal Stone 12" international military exercise, which demonstrates the confidence of the U.S., as a strategic partner, on the capabilities to organize the military exercise of such scale and on reputation of the Croatian Armed Forces.

The exercise involved all government departments and civil institutions responsible for specific segments of the exercise.
In addition to Croatia and the United States, nine participating countries (the Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) and seven countries with observer status (Denmark, France, Finland, Great Britain, Canada Slovenia and Hungary) will participate on the exercise.

The "Jackal Stone 12" exercise itself will be held in Croatia from 13 to 24 September 2012, where the overall organization activities run from late July to late September. The exercise will be conducted on the territory, waters and airspace of the Republic of Croatia. Cities around which activities will be conducted are Zadar, Split, Udbina and Delnice.

The "Jackal Stone 12" is the largest international military exercise of special forces in Europe, which aim to increase cooperation and interoperability between the armed forces of participating countries, with the goal of strengthening regional security and stability, training of procedures and raising the level of capabilities in planning and implementation of activities within the scope of special operations units. About 2000 participants will take part in the exercise.

The exercise, through combat training, gives an insight into the readiness of special forces of partner armed forces and the insight on the capabilities of partner countries for rapid response and joint operations against similar types of security threats. The participating countries, as NATO members, bear all the costs of their participation on the exercise.
Furthermore, through this project EUCOM and SOCEUR will invest certain funds for the construction of CAF infrastructure through the so-called Program of military-military cooperation, as well as funds for infrastructure used by the local authorities in the areas of exercise conduct.

More info here : http://www.morh.hr/aktualne-teme/jackal-stone-2012/info-on-exercise.html
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