Israel launches Gaza pullout, settlers defiant

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NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - Defiant Jewish
settlers blocked the gates of some Gaza settlements on Monday
in an attempt to prevent soldiers from delivering 48-hour
eviction notices as Israel began its pullout from the coastal

Its a start. The Isrealis had no claim to Gaza, they knew they would lose it eventually. There was no need to keep wasting the lives of the IDF on something they were going to lose anyway. Sharon did the right thing.
I agree with the logistical aspect of it, it had to be done. BUT what comes next? The demand for the gaza strip was not merely for property rights, but as an object and symbol of the animosity between the two groups. The old expression could be called into play here 'give an inch and theyll want a foot' if it continues further. As far as peace goes, wont happen.
i agree with Spartacus.
its already obvious that they're not satisfied with gaza. i dont think the terrorism will stop either..