Israel-Hezballah prisoner trade


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This weekend Israel is to exchange about 400 terrorists in return for an Israeli Colonel and the bodys of 3 Kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

"Let the mothers of Israsel know that their sons are in good hands"
this is written in GIG letters in the Joint Staff room in israel.and so-
The IDF never leaves you behind.
BY the way, sharon is smart this ias good for his support raitings...
Its much easier to say "we dont negotiate w/terorists" to me then to that Colonels wife and kids....
Hey, the US has that motto too, but that doesn't mean we give into their needs. We lost tons of people in the 80s in Lebanon, and had the chance for those kind of exchanges, but it's just not how we operate. Remember another motto, "That others may live". Realesing 400 Palastinian fighters aint gonna do much for that cause.
this week

out this week in next dosent matter how many you kill or arrest anyways.they just have too, at least we get our boys back...we can always get those terrorists in again...