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Hi there

RnderSafe reminded me of the forum rules, so I am reporting as ordered!

Let's see, the single line bio is that I am an English woman, aged 37, I work in the oil industry.

I have no military service at all: when I was of an age to choose careers, women couldnt fly planes, use guns or serve on ships in the British forces, and I decided to something else with my life. I did the University thing, and indeed have a lectureship as well as my other job.

One reason for being here is that I have an interest in military and political history, and current affairs. Another is that I travel extensively (trips have included Pakistan, India, Japan, Venezuela and Australia), where I tend to hike in the less hospitable regions: I'm planning a trip to the West Bank towards the end of next year. I always find this behaviour bizarre, since I am sure I prefer staying near a capuccino machine with a slice of cake and a good book, but there we are. Anyway, it's good to hear what's going on out there from people in the middle of it. I am always curious to know more.

Philosophically, I am pro the armed forces, due to family and personal connections, and am also pro rifle ownership, which comes from growing up in New Zealand. I have fired everything from a Lee Enfield to an AK47 and RPG-7, (and indeed cleaned them afterwards). Still, I often wonder why we all can't just get along.

Hopefully I haven't bored you to death: I am not really big on talking about me. But orders are orders :)

Anyway, it is nice to be here and hello :)
Yeah welcome to the forum Kirruth 8)
It was only last night I was fighting with my housemate over his innuendoes about the oil industry running the world and politics being just a mere facade. He came up with the usual theory that the oil industry blocks all the science's efforts to discover alternative energy devices and stuff like that.
I told him what I think, but its still good to have a lady from the oil area ;)
Heh, thanks Italian Guy.

I am pretty sure the oil industry doesn't run the world: if it did, you'd see big old wars being fought in oil producing countries, high gasoline prices around the world, politicians' campaigns being funded by oil money...hell, the key people in the White House would have oil industry backgrounds.

But happily, none of this has happened - there's really nothing at all to worry about.
I know, but you sure see my point when I talk about having to do with such people. You must have firsthand experience of that yourself I guess.
I definitely take your point, Italian Guy, but It's a funny thing.

When I started out in the oil business, 15 years or so ago, it was kind of un-sexy. Bankers were the people who controlled the world back then, before all that developing country debt started to unravel. Then telecoms and information technology industries were the movers and shakers: until along came the dot-com crash.

But the truth is, oil has always been the big news. There is nothing else on the planet that will let you propel a half-tonne of metal down the highway faster than a bird can fly, for 6 cents a mile. Before tax, anyway. The kind of power this grants is so amazing everyone wants a part of it: the first ambition anyone has, anywhere in the world, is to drive an automobile. Or to fly, or to drive a tank, or a locomotive, maybe a motorcycle. Or an earth-mover... whatever.

People fight over it, and it's the oil itself which (literally) fuels the wars. Tanks go nowhere without fuel and lubricants. Planes sit on the ground. But whatever people say, the climate is changing, the cities are smogging up, and getting the stuff from where it is found to where it is used means doing all kinds of deals.

It's interesting to be a part of it, but there will be tears before bedtime, for sure. And the way I see it, we will all need a wide circle of friends when that time comes :)
Uhm.. I don't know.. it actually makes me curious. Are you in the white or blue collars, ma'am ?
Would you just drop me quick list of what gets made from oil, in the world?
Like plastics, energies, paints ( ? ), surgery tools, machinery...