Is one arm longer then the other?

No, you're not a freak. Everyone grow different, and even if we want the right side wont look11% after the left side. So it will always be a difference on how we grow.
How long is the arm measured against the other?

I wouldn't consider that way being a freak.

Our differences is what makes us personalized and unique.

So I wouldn't worry.

:) :cowb:

so is

My right arm is also 1/2 a cm longer...dont mean nothing...other things make me a frick..
The thing that makes me a freek is i can pop both of my shoulder blades out in the back and make it look like i have boobs in the back lol
I know.. But still..

just because I ain't one of those people who like to use the social part of me.. Most people assume things because of me prefer lonelyness..
Yeah.. But I am more then having privacy..

There must be some limit of where the privacy turns into lonelyness?
lonelyness is borderline depression.
you hang out on the forums so it isnt so bad.. you arent lonely .. i still think its privacy..

bunker.? lol
i had my times in bunkers .. never again if i can help it :wink:
Oh, Well, You hit the bulls eye there chaotic..

I have the borderline depression.. :?

But not that I use that as a explantion..

Because I actually know what I am into and who I am, and I am changing that within a short time...

and I choose how I want to be.. Borderline or not..

If you wanna tsay a way or another it's fine with me..

But every single person and human know that the only thing they can change to get from their "lonelyness" is to see who they are and to work with it.

Me- Myself is almost done with getting that borderline thing of me..

So I am soon to be a "healthy" and "normal" person..

But what the f*ck nowadays is normal? :?

But anyways, I am finished with that progress, I don't feel lonely at all and I am more or less done with this progress within a year.. Godd job, huh? :wink:
i aint no doc or anything by far

but you sound normal to me.. you interact well with otheres and even have a great sence of humor..

either A. you are looking for attn ?
or B. you really just want to be left alone.

or C. im really a crazy dolt that should be quiet

either way
you are normal ... in my books.. everyone i know has a problem.. i have this problem with the people in my head.. they can never come to a straight understandin and they keep yelling.. they keep yelling
Lol.. The fact is that I am normal..

The doctor who gave me that diagnose was kinda.. Not stabile in any way..

ever met a person without caring or having emotions?

Well, That doctor was ike that..

She just picked people in to dianose them.. Like rolling a dice or flip a coin..

"Hmmm, Who should we diagnose today?"

That kind of person.. Swedish doctors s*ck totally @ss..

Trust me on that.. No one can see that I have it.. My father and my b/f don't get why I have it..

I have no point of these things a bordeline person has..