Is it possible?


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I was in the Marine Corps back in 94. I was discharged for a minor medical reason. In all reality I should never have been discharge. I will share more on that later.

I received a OTH discharge, and an RE-4.

I have tried to get my re-enlistment code changed but it was determined that I got the correct one.

What I would like to know if it is possible to join the National Guard. Do my time there, get out with an Honorable discharge and recieve a better re-enlistment code.

Would I be able to join with the DD-214 the National Guard gives me?
RE 4 and an OTH. No I don't think the NG take you on your 214.If you were discharged for Medical Reasons I can see the RE4 as pertaining too "not being able to fulfill the phyiscal requirements due to health or injury. Not Acceptable for reenlistment. "

But the OTH. Whats the real story?
The only reason I can think you would have gotten an Re-4 accompanied by OTH would be fraudulent enlistment, but this would depend on how much TIS you had. Did you lie to the Marine Corps about a previous condition/injury?

As 03 said, the National Guard will not even look at you, most likely, with your 214 reading as it does. You may try and get your discharge upgraded, but if the med board saw no reason to upgrade your RE-4 to RE-3, it will probably be of little help.
Was hoping that someone might be able to give me a little advice. I was in the USMC during my time in SOI about 2 years ago everything was going fine until I was randomly out of no where accused of being suicidal during weapons week. I tried to talk to my SSgt he wouldn't listen to me so I asked to speak to my CO and he said no. No one would listen to me or hear me out and I was never even spoken to by anyone qualified to deem me suicidal and I was kept on suicide watch. So the first chance I got I went AWOL for 1 month then turned myself in at Quantico VA and was there for 1 month getting out processed and discharged with an RE-4 and an OTH. Now this discharge would be fine IF I were actually suicidal and went awol because of it BUT I am now and never have been suicidal and was almost forced to go awol because no one would listen to me. Is there any way I can fight this to get my RE code changed to an RE 1 to re enlist? The only bad decision that I can say I made was going awol but what else was i suppose to do? I couldn't speak to any of my Chain of command... if anyone has any advice or suggestions on what I can do to get this fixed please let me know, would greatly appreciate it!