Is an asian in a cowboy hat with a pinch of cope...


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in their lip an odd sight to you? I get the weirdest stares when I'm dressed like that...usually when I'm fishin... :shock: :D
For me it is...cuz where i live most asians are in some university getting straight A's, playin the piano/violin, or something completely unrelated to fishin and chewin.

Of course there is NOTHING wrong with wat you doin; its just not common for us Asians to look like a Redneck and fishin at the lake.
why????there are black cowboys and theres nothing wierd about that.Youl just need some time to get used to it :lol: ;)
Dark, there isn't anything wrong with piano, I still play it...but uhmm...straight A's? Me? AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :p :D
Redneck said:
Y'all WISH you could look like me. ;)

Err, Don't count me in. I rather keep my female looks. :lol:

But I can see why every guy wants to look like you, cowboy. ;) :D
Ime sorry I have never seen a black cowboy, but that's weird. Although cook in "the cowboys" w/ John Wayne wasnt too weird. :cowb: