Is a Veteran Only Type Governing System practical?

would the type of government and system of citizenship described in Starship Troopers really work?

  • Yes: it would work as stated in the novel.

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  • No: It could never be sucessful.

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Mark Conley

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Yes I changed the title...i don't think people were taking the poll seriously enough with the title it had.

Strictly theoretical...but I am interested enough to poll for an answer:

Some of you may not have read the classic military science fiction book by Robert Heinlein called Starship Troopers. if you haven’t, Id highly recommend it. You would have to have read it to understand the nature of this question for this discussion, and the question is this

would the type of government and system of citizenship described in the novel "Starship Troopers" work?

For those not familiar with the mechanics of that books Governing System:

The main thrust of the Governing body is still a democratic one, with a twist: to earn the right to your franchise for voting in a national, state or local affairs, or for holding any type of public office at all, you have to surrender your body to some form of federal service for a two year stretch, and become a veteran of federal service. Notice it’s not strictly military service in nature, as the military is a part of the Governments service to its citizens; but it is one of the most common services in this particular government.

The citizens that don’t have the franchise still have all the basic rights: freedom of speech, pursuit of economic freedom, right to property, and to life. They just cant participate in the process to effect changes to governing system without having put two years of their life on the line somehow. They can’t hold public office, nor can they be part of the system that enforces law, only a veteran can. They still have to pay their taxes, but cannot adjudge what they will be used for. And if they decide that they don’t want their right to vote or hold office that badly and quit before the two years are up, well they don’t get a second chance to try again.

There are other items in this society that are different as well. I know that some of you may not like this, but crime and punishment are taken to an almost 18th century approach. Physical type punishments are the prevalent norm in this society. Public punishments, such as floggings, and hangings for certain crimes are enforced. You do take responsibility for any actions against the state that is against the law. But once again, the only people that can judge and decide the extent and execution of the judgment are once again veterans of federal service.

Read the book for yourself. Then Vote.
I think it is an EXCELLENT idea. But remember according to his book you don't have to serve in the military you just must select some sort of federal service. That service is hard, and often labor intensive. It is also a barrack environment. It is adjusted so that anyone of any age, or even with disabilities can always serve doing something. I wouldn't want a system that forced you to be in the military to have a vote. Some people are not meant to be in the military the last thing we want to do is encourage those types to join the military when they don't even agree with it.

I do think there is something inherently wrong with "born" citizenship. If you don't earn something it is taken for granted. I have found most naturalized Americans who had to earn their US citizenship to always be more patriotic then your average ungrateful kid who was just born here. I also do not think you can "earn" citizenship for your child. I really feel like it should be a decision made at 18, and have some sort of requirments, but allow anyone willing, and who understand what it means to be a "Citizen" to accept. Citizenship is a privlage, not a right......even if you were damn lucky enough to be born with it.
yes,,its federal service..two years..doesnt mean military service specifically.

The whole catch is these people that can vote...arent smarter..arent more informed..and a whole host of other things. But they believe in the system enough to put service before self..and thats enough to ensure the man or woman that votes really has an interest or a stake in the others future.

that enough for me. :D