Irish Special forces motto


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The Unit motto is taken from an old Fianna poem and continues the link with which the name is associated. It is written in the Irish language

(As galige)
Glaine ár gcroí
Neart ár ngéag
Agus beart de réir ár mbriathar

(in english)
The cleanliness of our hearts
The strength of our limbs
And our commitment to our promise

Hi T.I.M. and welcome to the forum. :D

Great motto! Love it!

Do you know any more Irish mottos? I only have one on the site... :?
well i know a few non offical mottos.... i think the most colourfull one ive heard is from the 2nd infantry battalion who's nicknames are the "vikings"

"rape,pillage and burn"

it comes from irish history when the vikings came to these shores and did just that!
rape pillage burn

Yes, But when the Irish summed up an Army under Brian Boru, The Vikings were singing the tune Run, Fast, Quickly. ;)

Godbless the Celtic sons.
You know there is an explanation as to why it is Rape, Pillage, and Burn in that order. I forgot what it was but i will ask my friend, he once told me why you have to proceed in that order.