Iraqi lawmakers call for action as killings continue

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Media: The Associated Press
Date: 19 September 2006

BAGHDAD, Iraq_Lawmakers angered by the relentless violence plaguing Iraq
demanded explanations Tuesday from the defense and interior ministers on
what was being done to put an end to death squads and kidnappings.

The discovery of maimed bodies, the apparent victims of sectarian violence,
dumped on city streets and in rivers has become commonplace in Iraq. Police
have found dozens of bodies in recent weeks, including more than 60 since

Most are found bound, blindfolded and show signs of torture.

"I demand the defense and interior ministers be summoned to let us know
their plans to stop these criminal acts: kidnappings, killings and
assassinations against our people," Hassan Bejar, a lawmaker with the Iraqi
Accordance Front, the largest Sunni bloc in government, told parliament.

Shiite lawmaker Haider al-Safar said "we are just sitting here and seeing
these dead bodies being thrown every day in the streets."

"We need to see real achievements from the Defense and Interior Ministries
to stop the daily kidnapping and bloodletting," he said.

Abdul-Karim al-Enizi, another Shiite, proposed the formation of special
security teams to investigate the killings.

There was no immediate response from the ministries.