Iraq wants Saddam Hussein BACK!


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Woke up this morning and saw on the CNN website that when the new Iraqi government is set up within the month that they demand Saddam is returned to them before the end of the month, along with any prisoners we have taken. I don't agree with doing this at all- We fought all this time to get him, I wouldnt trust handing him back to his nation where Im sure he could stir a few men to release him. What do you guys think?
Nope. For all the misery the man caused to the U.S. I might consider giving his body back.

As to anyone considering giving them back a breathing, possibly return to power demi-goddless SOB? If anyone in the US is stupid enough to do it...and he returns to power, and they want to go back and war with Iraq again to remove him...well there going to be a few of their heads lying in state with his.

That about enough of that. :evil:
Well they'll have to return Saddam back to his country. Only his country can judge him properly for all that he's done. And new Iraqi gov't said they would execute him according to law ( consider what'd happen if he was trialed by European Justice Court: Milosevic's still there eating and drinking at our expense, and accusing the world for OUR crimes etc ). So the only reasonable problem is that he somehow escapes coz that would be a huge humiliation for us. In fact, Washington repeatedly asserted they won't hand him over until the sit has chilled down and safety measures are met. No big deal.
There not even an elected gouvernement yet.. Demanding him back from the US? I think they'll have to wait a while...

i hope they get him back the iraqui's will well and truley sort him out if they get there hands on him, they didn't put him in power over there to begin with.