Iraq:New Flag, old trouble....

Wow, you can hardly tell the two apart. I can't figure out why a Muslim country would use so many Stars of David on their flag, must be at least 50 of them. :lol:
Re: yes

sherman105 said:
Well yes you antisemite ;) , but what about the flags, any similarity?

That wasn't nice, not even if you ware joking!! :cry:

And no i dont see any direct similarity with the israelian flag, besides the upper colors ;)
AlexKall said:
Looks like everything on that site is upside down :shock:

Looks fine to me, but I'm dyslexic. :p

The only similarity I see with the flags is the color and the placement of the moon. :roll:
When I see the new iraqi flag it does not make me think of the israeli flag I dont know what they are meaning.
only the top half looks remotely similar to the isreali flag. i think it would look better if the star was a dark blue or green, the strips should be green, black, light blue to symbolize prosperity, a time of hard ship, and a new era. but i dont know what the arab reactions to the flag would be like.
You know the old US motto? "UNITED We Stand." Well how is a new nation going to be formed when the country is unorganized? The people need something, besides religion, to unite under as a union. A new flag will symbolize a new Iraq. A new sense of morale and faith in the changing times. A new nation with a new flag. NO one is going to show their patriotism with a picture of a politcal figure over a flag.

my 2 cents

What the hell are those guys worring about ?

First, it would just be an honor to have a slant resemblance to the Israeli flag. Second, it just drives me nuts that everybody downthere hates the jews so much. Third, the crescent has always been a symbol of Islam, i do not see ANY similarity..... or maybe they should use a triangular flag ( like Nepal ) in order to make it different enough !