Iran testing new air defense manpad system


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Right now, I am more worried about the Iran's new military stuffs:hide: .
Same weapon, different country of manufacture. Also could be Pakistans
Anza MKI. SA-7's are pretty much SA-7's. Don't know why I went with the Chinese version, maybe I just had China on the brain that day.

How good is this?

What is it capable of taking down?

Is it easily defeated with counter measures?

If I'm not mistaken this was developed from stingers that China somehow got a hold of and then shared the technology with Iran.
I think that Iranian portable SA is superior than SA-7.
Iran has already got stinger,so we should think that missile is as good as old stingerold.
I was under the impression that Stingers posed no serious threat to higher altitude planes.
Rabs said:
I was under the impression that Stingers posed no serious threat to higher altitude planes.
I am under the same impression. But they can be lethal against helicopters and even low-flying fixed-wing aircraft.
Painting with a wide brush here.

Shoulder launched SAM's were desinged to fill in the gap between the small arms envelope and the vehicle or base mounted SAM's envelope. While traditional AAA (20+mm guns spewing a million rounds a second into the air) are pretty cool, lack the kind of mobility needed in a fast paced battlefield environment. AAA also has quite the supply train. Things like SA-7's and Stingers are highly mobile, require almost no maitenance, and cost less than a few minutes worth of AAA fire, not to mention the training aspect.

As far as Irans SA-7's being better than anyone elses, quite possible. No matter where its made, an SA-7 is still an SA-7, the difference is in the bells and whistles.
If the US or Israel wanted to strike Iran, so they would do it from high altitude, so the SA-7 won't help the Iranians much.