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First of all, I want to introduce myselfe, I'm Nikola (forum nick Terry) from Serbia, Cacak, I'm 20 years old and I'm new cadet of Military Academy Belgrade, Serbia, at module Anti-aircraft warfare.
After High School I applied at only military academy, and I was selected from 1000 candidates, only 50 were selected.
My first military training is going to start in few days so I'm very excited.
I finished high school named Aviation Academy Belgrade, school for purpose of civil aviation, but my dream was Military.
I found this forum when I "googled" on the internet so I found it interesting to share and get some experience.

Thats it for now, greetings from Serbia and sorry for bad English (I will improve it).:salute:
I'm new here.

Hello, Czesc, my name is Joe Gomolski.Being retired I spend most of my time reading history books. My main interest is History of the First World War, the Second World War. Especially in Europe, and in particular Polish's war time history. I also enjoy firearms, and I have begun a collection of World War II weapons. These include an M-1 Garand, from CPM, 1911 replica. And a collection of Polish Arms, Vix.P35, Wz.29, the Wz.48, and a Nosin-Nagant Polish M44.

I am going to Poland next week, 09/03. I'll be there for 2 weeks. I am most interested in meeting reconstruction, we call them reenact ion groups for the beginning of WW2. I want to have made a 09/01/1939 Polish Uniform. With the uniform, and as much information as I can gather. I hope to join a reenact ors group in San Diego, or possibility began one.

If there's anyone how give a head's up I would be most grateful. Thanks! Dziekuje!