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Hello Forum: Seems like the moderatos are introducing themselves: well I know a marching order when I see it!

I’m Mark Conley. I am one of the newest Milforum moderators (I wanted bombs for my box instead of bullets but conformity rules!) I am a retired USAF Technical Sergeant, E-6, with 20 years of service. I really do live in the state of Oklahoma, in the good ole USA.

I worked for the AF Medical Service as an Industrial Hygiene Technician, (I was called a Bioenvironmental Engineering Technician, with the equivalent civilian blue collar designation of Senior Craftsman in that specialty.) So, in that respect, I had to know about everyone else’s job in the Air Force, in order to identify health hazards, and enforce occupational safety rules.

I also was a Master Training Instructor (Can you say T.I.?) for Health Care Providers (Doctors, Nurses, and such) when I worked for the JMRTC (now the Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute or DMRTI) at Ft Sam Houston, Texas. One benefit was learning to counsel, guide, or direct personnel in the study of military science. No, I was never like R. Lee Emery.

I currently hold one B.S. in Land Management (I wanted to be a park ranger when I grew up) and two A.A. Degrees in my AF specialty. I am currently working on my masters in Health Physics (can you say severe Radiation exposure?).

My previous military science experiences in high School are extensive. Air Force, along with Navy, Army, and Marine is spoken here. I had 2 Years AFJROTC, 2 Years NJROTC, and 2 Years College Level Army ROTC.

Feel free to PM about anything. :D
Erm... welcome?

Dang, that's a lot of experience! No wonder ya got so many good stories.
Mark Conley said:
(I wanted bombs for my box instead of bullets but conformity rules!)

Should be able to fix that.
PM me, and I'll see what I can do about it.. ;)
(Making a 155 shell for Gunner13 now)
Nice job typing all that, MC, that took you a while, I guess?
Not as long as doing all that, but still.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Welcome Mark :D :D

Impressive experience of you, oh my Goddie, if I now go to see the mirror I must know I am such a newbie :evil:

Also here my Greetings to all the mods here and the boss Redleg (what a name :D)

Thank you all this is really a neat forum, I really like it, just in case, NEVER ban FlyingFroggie :D
Sir it is an honor to have such an experianced moderator over my head :rambo: If things go wrong. Then I know that there are some real good men left on the ground ;)


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