Introducing....ME!!! TAAADAAAA!!


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Hi! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Janie. I am not in the military,although lots of my family was and is. I have been involved in military issues for quite some time, and have recently thrown my hat in with the Veterans Party of America.
I have also been on a 20+ year search for information about my brother. He died in VietNam in '68. I finally cracked the information barrier and this July will be meeting his LT and the medic who took care of his remains.
I'll be spending some time doing lots of reading on this site, it appears. Good for ya'll for being so active! And I would be pleased to meet each and every one of you. ;)
Thank you Sherman, BunYap and Redneck for the fine welcome. What I am doing is putting to rest the pain. All that I do is to honor Michael, and live and believe what he fought for.
Thanks RnderSafe (Thatis a hard one to pronounce). The perseverence is easier now that there are results. I'm really excited about meeting the LT, he ended up being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Few people get as many opportunities to honor a brother like I have been given.