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Hey all,
I am new to the forum and just want to say hi. My name is Casey and I am a Staff Sergeant in the reserves. In SEP, I am going back to active duty as a 13f forward observer.

I was with the 101st from 97-01 as a 13f. In 99, I volunteered to go to Kosovo. I got out thinking college was the thing to do. 1 year and $18,000 later spent I dropped out because college cost too much. I joined the reserves as a 21b combat engineer to keep the military option open. In NOV 02, I volunteered to be deployed to Kuwait with a multi roll bridge company. We were attached to the 3rd ID and rode thru the war with them. My unit built a bridge along the Euphrates and then moved to Balad we were spent the rest of our time there. I found out that engineers get passed all over the place doing odd & end jobs. I returned to the US in SEP 03. After a bit I decided that the military is the place for me and I will be going to Ft. Carson very soon. Chances are I will be headed back to the sand box early next year.

Soon I will have enough college credits to become an officer. I have seen some pretty messed up things in the army. As an NCO, you can only do so much.

Well, that's enough about me. I'll be around

SSG Doody
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Welcome Doody .. keep your chin up, I have a feeling the beloved Army is in for some much needed spring cleaning before too long.
Welcome to the forum Doody. Sounds like things will be going good for you soon. I was stationed at Carson...I think you'll like it if you like the great outdoors. Best of luck to you.
Off to France!!!

I know I just got here, but on monday I am driving to DC to catch a space availible flight to Europe. I am meeting up with an old college buddy in Paris and we are going to follow the 2nd half of the Tour de France. If I have some free time, I am going to go to Normandy and maybe bastogne. If you have any ideas of other places I can visit, just let me know.

SSG Doody
Hey, thats not fair. If you tell us about this you should invite us to go with you. I wish I could go to Normandy. With a metal detector!

Have a great time.

p.s. If you were going to England I could tell you some great WWII places to go.
Tour de France

Well, it is that time to go. I do appologize for not inviting anyone else. If I could smuggle anyone on a HOP flight I would. With anyluck, I will have some kick but pictures of Normandy for anyone who wants them. Now it's time to see Lance in action.

See you all around 1 AUG

SSG Doody