****ing bull ****!!!


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the day i decide to go to the airforce recruiter and sign up and be on my merry way.. ****er was a no show. sat there for 3hrs waiting then called numerous times and his phone has been turned off all day. wtf is that ****!!!:box:
Yup. Welcome to the wonderful world of Recruiting and as 03 said, hurry up and wait. Unfortunately it doesn't get much better as you go along.
Easy there, you got your whole life regretting you decided on going Air Farce infront of you...:mrgreen:
I waited for 5 hours on a friday afternoon for the Marine recruiter, turns out his wife was having their kid so its cool. I got a call at the end of the 5th hour so it wasnt that bad.
Welcome to teh Military
get used to that, your medical appts will all be 2 hours before the doctor comes in too.
Oh and just wait til eth day you hear "pack it up for an emergency deployment" "be here in 2 hours", about a week later you might leave.
Yep, we like anything that we understand, and waiting around for hours for nothing is something everybody in the military of any nation understands perfectly