Indy Researcher moves from Social Media to Forums to speak with the power players.

Chad Warren

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Hey, Y'all what's up?

Chad Warren here in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I'm here upon the suggestion of Brendon O'Connell. He's a You Tuber who focuses on showing that Israel is in control of the tech world via the Talpiot program.

He contends that Israel is really controlled by Russia and vice versa as Israel was started by Russian Jews whose authentic claim to that title is questioned.

Israel is pivotal in the Belt and Road Project which is a combo of rail and shipping lanes across Russia and China.

That Mueller is a legitimate defense against Trump whom he says is a puppet of the Zionist agenda but all of these politicians are assumed to be easily controlled through various means such as blackmail but he is suggesting people connect with the government through local politics and law enforcement so here I am.

I understand my community (indy research) is as corrupt as the other sectors of our society so I look forward to learning as much as I wish to share my intel and interests.

One time when I was in High School, the Drama Teacher said we could get extra credit if we went to I think it was Jacksonville AFB to act as wounded people in a drill. Looking back on that it sure seemed like it could have been training for a homeland city siege situation since the training for going to the Middle East and doing raids would appear to work here as well.

I run a small yard care business and am interested in podcasting and radio. I found out a new show I like is made by a guy locally so i thought that was cool finding someone locally from online. His name is Joe Rupe and he runs which is paranormal radio. I think ghosts and aliens are very possible but I haven't had too many experiences that confirm that though I have had synchronistic experiences just by paying attention to patterns which is what I term a gnostic experience which seems to be a continuation for me of growing up Christian but only so many people really study that. I mean all those people in the Bible were mystic compared to our artificial dominant world of today.

If people saw John the Baptist walking down the street today they would call the police and say some crazy homeless man is going around dressed in camel hair eating locusts and honey. Or, I guess he could make a survivalist show then it would be accepted - its all about optics, right? Ha ha

I'm Divorced, one son 8. I guess I'm thinking about switching to a more steady job dishwashing or whatever and figuring out how to fund and assist this new media movement now that we are seeing live video from individuals more and people like me have to find a place outside YouTube, Facebook and Google to communicate without losing monetization. I'm interested in developing some kind of folk protocol. I think we're so corrupted as a species that we need to define a common co-operative way to reform the family structure so that local areas can build up immunity to predators and struggling with our own behaviors like an intellectual compassionate militia movement really - a public intel agency is what looks cool to me like Scouts but for everyone to have some plan of tracking positive movement daily so we can remain calm and happy despite chaos.

I look forward to our discussions. Like, I saw this Airbus manual and it said each wing of one of their planes holds 110 tonnes of fuel. That just doesn't seem possible. The weight, wouldn't it slosh around? My 1 gallon gas can does, etc. :rock:

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