In The Navy....


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hello everyone, my name is Christina, I am 18 and currently in DEP status for the United States Navy. I ship out on July 27th, 2004 to Great Lakes, Illinois for RTC and I'm soooooo excited! I have signed up for 5 years and my job will be Operations Specialist, but I'm very interested in Explosive Ordinance Disposal because females aren't allowed to be in the SEALS program. I am also the DEP Commanding Officer of my DEP pool and I'm the first female to ever get a leadership position while in DEP status. I would really like to attend Annapolis someday and become a commissioned I guess I plan to be a "lifer" ;-) My "A" school is in Virginia Beach, VA after I finish at Great Lakes....I guess that's all there is about me....I look forward to making some great friends here and learning alot about the military.