Im Outta Here!


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Well, in September I am :D

I finally got my date for USAF BMT. I first travel to Germany to get sworn in again (I have already been sworn in once) and then leave Germany a few days later for Lackland AFB, Texas. I think the best part about being sworn in was the look on my dad's face, I dont think he has ever been prouder of me, him be active duty AF.

I have a GTEP position for something to do with computers, cant remember the wording exactly but I dont plan on doing it. I am going to volunteer for SERE Specialist while in basic.

I am really looking forward to leaving. I live in England right now and feel there is nothing left for me here and I really cant wait to get out of here and get back to the country where I feel accepted. Mostly though I cant wait to start the 6 month SERE course and test myself physically and mentaly. I have been training with a SERE Specialist here in England so have a good idea of what to expect and how to prepare although at the same time I know that it will be nothing like my expectations.

Cant wait! :D :D