Im off to see the lizard

Will you miss me?

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I'm leaving on the 13th to go to Washington DC for the NJLC (National Junior Leaders Conference) for Defense and Intelligence :D . I get back the 18th. Hope you guys and gals will miss me :) (ok not really just saying so)
(Ok so no lizard involved but it got your attention :D )
have fun. don't kiss any strange lizards while you are D.C. And if you can, try and see the smithsonian air and space museum,,, :D
I saw the Air and Space museum on our 8th grade trip it was great. Ok no lizard kissing, but what if it gives me money and says it will turn into a beautiful girl, and comes with a toaster :D , what should i do then?
and then i'll step on lizard hoping its not endangered :D . Which advice would that be the dont kiss strange lizards or pocket the money and make toast?
Have fun dude. I got far enough to print out the application for that, and thats as far as I got. Lol, that goes for a lotta things. Have fun and tell me about it when you get back.
Ok i shall, well im leaving for the airport in about 2 hrs so this is the last post i'll be making for 6days. :D . I shall return