im heading out soon


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im heading out to MCT Camp Lejeune/Geiger tomorrow, for those who want to ask me questions my Email is and i will answer it as soon as i get to another computer, cant have one in MCT. but i will answer them ASAP
Take care and have fun! :)

Try to drop by and give us a sitrep from time to time.. :D
SITREP-sitting in Raleigh airport USO office at 0646 waiting for flight, succesfully completed MCT and gained 8lbs here. flight leaves at 0855 and flies to atlanta and then to Pensacola when i arrive at pensacola i change back into my Service "A" and check in...more sitreps to come :)
ive seen alot of good lucks but no congratulations. so i will be the first to tell you, " congratulations on getting to where you are. that being said...good luck