Im back (part 2)

want pics of our TL?

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C/2nd Lt Robot

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Well i got back from Washington today. It was lots of fun, We got to see the WWII Memorial and all i have to say about it is It's about time. Also our TL (Team Leader) she was awsome. Yesturday she ended up being more of a distraction then helpful in our simulation. I came so close to saying "And a great one at that :D " but thought it would open a can of worms again.
Glad to hear you had such an awesome time. Nice to have tou back *I guess*.

Nah, J/p, really glad to have you back. Lol.
Whats weird though is i only took like 6 or 7 photos while their. About 4 had my TL in them :D . I also got to meet the Founder of LeadAmerica and Jon Callegher the coolest 22 yr old you'll ever meet. :D
Well im not complaining at all so it was great. :D . I got the honor of the last slow dance with my TL :D . Maybe not the last dance but still.
Well it was less then 24 hrs since i got home and i already hurt myself, via my mt bike :D . It was going well until the ground decided to come up and have a short confrencee if you know what i mean :D .
no problem :D . well lets see she is a redhead in the summer and has black or brown hair in the winter (her explanation is that her hair tans like her skin) 5'4". Only likes suck up remarks when their for her (what woman doesn't? so of coarse i threw in a few :D ) need any more info? But no pics of her since i haven't finished up my roll of film :cry: . Not like i'm bragging or anything but i'm in the pic thats going to be her screen saver :D (ok i'm bragging :) )
I dont have any pics of her as of right now :cry: :cry: . Since i havent finished up the roll i took to DC. So hold your fire Redleg :D . I'll hopefully have them by the 22nd. 8)
Edit: I took the pic off, for good reasons. i never asked her if i post it on the web and it finally got to me. So im going to wait for her to get back from DC and ask her if i can.