I'm back!! Had a good time with my soldier!! YAY!!


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Hey guys!! I'm back after my LOOOOOOOOOONG absence. I had to take a break from posting for a little while.

Dexter came home for his R and R, and we had a great time!! We went to Chattanooga, TN. I put the link to our pictures we took in the picture thread... That way you can see what we both look like!!

He's back in Iraq now. And we finally have a month of his return!! Of course with everthing the military does, that is subject to change. But its a months that is WAY better than what we originally thought. Thats my update!!
Good to hear. :)

What did he do in Iraq again? (If you don't mind sharing that..)
Wheres those images? Im glad to hear that hes allright, im glad that you got a chance to spend some time with him :)
Awesomeness that you are back!!!

Yes, the what we hoped would be time for my cousin and her hubby to have another child has been greatly reduced to Beginning of January. He will be returning to Kuwait then. For another year. Yes, it is much nicer knowing a month... and yes, it sucks when it changes. It looks like yall had a blast!