I'm baaaaack....


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Well, Redneck went out and hauled me back over here. :rambo:
Looking forward to more smarta** comment posting.
Look who's here.. :D
Welcome back, we did (almost) get a bit worried here.. ;)

Where did you find her Redneck??

Hey Janie. Not sure really who you are. I must have missed you when I poked my head in last. WElcome back anyways!
Holy crap, ItalianGuy, what is wrong with you? Behaviour like that will not be tolerated.

Sorry about him, Janie, we don't let him out much.
And a pinko is a commie, just a cooler word for them. When they get in large groups they can be dangerous though. :lol:
Sorry about him, Janie, we don't let him out much
Hahah this ones low.
any way i think that we all can agree that we mised you,ones a poster always a poster,welcome back :lol:
Thanks all. And happy to meet the ones I haven't yet.
As for some...you guys are a dime a dozen. An' the PM's won't reach me either.
And thanks to a very encouraging friend, the pic will now make it's way out front.

OOps, not yet. Unless I can figure out how to do it, I'm on a laptop, out of town. You know...the toy computers. When I get back home Sunday, I will try to get that pic front and center.

I'm awfully sorry Janie. I was actually all wrong- Sorry everybody.

I thought that was a joke and didn't figure out american humor would be so different to some extent. I really really did not mean to offend anyone.
I'm sorry Janie, I strongly hope you will know me better and it will be the opportunity for me to straighten things up and for the others to understand I am not a rude type.