IFV - Bradley, LAV, M113, Stryker, Warrior.....

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Which one is the most useful?

Will an IFV be useful in the combat situations of the new age? Or would a armoured car like the Commando be more useful?

Should the Commando replace the HUMMER as a patrol vehicle? Especially in urban areas?
Nice IFV's, but will it fit down a street.....

Still need to answer the question....

IFV's are nice, but will they fit into the urban areas and are they useful in those arenas?
IFV are not very much suited for urban combat. They have lighter armor than tanks, so they are quite vulnerable. Because all those fancy ne anti missile electronics are not quite working on a point blank range(the usual range of engagement in CQB). Also, there are bombs and mines that can be used(bombs are the usual way pals take out israeli IFV's in Gaza). Hell, high caliber stationary machine gun can take them out at a close range(14.7mm KPVT for example). IFV's are not designed for urban warfare. IFV's are designed to support infantry, and give it tactical maneuver capability. Braley can help fight tanks. Stryker can be carried by plane(and i think it can be paradropped), it was designed to fit the new US Army rapid deployment strategy. IFV's main quality is maneuverability, and in urban warfare this advantage disappears.
The Strykers are really nice, a bit cramped, but nice overall. They'd be even nicer if I had managed to actually crawl OVER the driver's seat. the tunnel leading from the rear to the driver's compartment was a bit tight, about 3/4 the size of a B25's tunnel to the nose gunner position. I didn't get to feel the movement of the Stryker, but from what I saw of it, it wouldn't be a very smooth ride.

The light armor of the Stryker definitely increases it's mobility, but at the same time, it increases the chance of everyone inside being killed by a single RPG.

Obviously when it was being designed, troop comfort was not a very big concern, as I (standing at about 5'10") had to bend over to not hit my head while sitting.

The only weapon on the Stryker can be changed, which could be a good thing, but with the lack of stability on the vehicle's part, artillary weapons such as mortars and 102mm cannons require that the vehicle be stopped in order for the shot to be even 50% accurate.

The gunner in the stryker remains fully inside the vehicle, relying on periscope-style views, going about 10 different directions, to find a target. After finding the target manually, the gunner uses a computer screen linked to a small camera on the weapon to aim at the target. This station takes up about 20% of the total area insinde the vehicle, cutting down the room for troop transport.

With the gunner station and extra storage all filled up, the vehicle can fit only 6 fully geared troops.

Personally, I'd prefer the Strf 90A for troop transport, while using the Stryker for Medical transport and light assault, not troop transport.