i was told it might be a good idea to introduce myself!!!:)


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Hi all I'm Genocideman... I use that handle cause it was my one and only claim too fame . When i was a teen oh so many years ago i was in a rock/punk band named "Genetic Invasion" and Genocideman was the one song that i wrote for the band and it actually made it to our 1 and only album "think we sold like 200 copies here in town .. anyway i told that story to my guys in my unit one night over beers at the camp watering hole and it seemed to stick "Geno " for short .. anyway i've used it ever snce i'v had this dang computer now everyone in the other forums i'm in calls me it too ... It's not meant to be offensive as long as ur an American ..If ur not a red blood patriotic American well then I'll be coming for u some day that is if they call me back up !!! hahah ... just thought i'd say howdy and introduce myself to u all see ya soon ....
Welcome Geno.. :D

What branch are you in?
(I asume that you work in the military in some way...(!?)...)

The 16th Special Operations Wing consists of approximately 7,000 highly trained military professionals who stand ready to conduct special operations missions at a moment's notice. The wing is the largest Air Force unit assigned to the U.S. Special Operations Command, a command responsible for conducting special operations worldwide.

The 16 SOW specializes in unconventional warfare. At the direction of the National Command Authorities, the 16 SOW goes into action with specially trained and equipped forces from each service working as a team to support national security objectives. Special operations are often undertaken in enemy-controlled or politically-sensitive areas and can cover a myriad of activities.

The 16 SOW's motto is, "Any Time, Any Place." The wing stands ready to go worldwide to conduct unconventional warfare, counterinsurgency, or psychological operations. Through special operations, the United States is able to protect its interests in low-intensity conflicts throughout the world.

this is my unit but i can't say much more than this ...only I had FUN!!!!!!!